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How to make Amigurumi Bunny

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How to make Amigurumi Bunny

Amigurumi is essentially the same as crochet, only it refers specifically to the process of making 3D toys. Crochet uses a range of techniques, whereas amigurumi almost always involves working in the round, making spheres which are then stuffed to form the limbs of some adorable little animals.
Materials needed to design amigurumi bunny are 3 ply acrylic yarn, long large eye needles, fiber for stuffing 2mm crochet hook and 5mm plastic safety eye.


Sc- Single Crochet
Inc sc-2 single crochet in 1 stitch
Ch- Chain
Dec sc- sc 2 together
Dc- double crochet
Rd- round slip stitch
BLO- Back Loop Only
FLO- Front Loop Only
[]=- Total number of stitches
[]*3- Repeat 3 times
Trc- Triple crochet


Rd 1:magic ring with 6 sc
Rd 2:(Inc sc)...[12]
Rd 3:(1sc)(Inc sc)...[18]
Rd 4:(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[24]
Rd 5:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[30]
Rd 6:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[36]
Rd 7:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[42]
Rd 8-12:(1sc)...[42]
make second part of the heart in same pattern, but don't cut off the yarn
crochet sc in next 7 stitches trough both parts thus joining them together.
Continue crocheting in rounds on both parts excluding those 7 stiches you have just made.
Rd 13-15:(1sc)...[70]
Rd 16:{(1sc)*12,(Dec sc)}...[65]
Rd 17-19:(1sc)...[65]
Rd 20:{(1sc)*11,(Dec sc)}...[60]
Rd 20:(1sc)...[60]
Insert safety eyes between Rd 13 and 14 the distance of 6 stitches between the eyes.
Rd 22:{(1sc)*10,(Dec sc)}...[55]
Rd 23:(1sc)...[55]
Rd 24:{(1sc)*9,(Dec sc)}...[50]
Rd 25:91sc)...[50]
Rd 26: {(1SC)*8,(Dec sc)}...[45]
Rd 27:(1sc)...[45]
Rd 28: {(1SC)*7,(Dec sc)}...[40]
Rd 29:(1sc)...[40]
Rd 30:{(1SC)*6,(Dec sc)}...[35]
Rd 31:(1sc)...[35]
Rd 32: {(1SC)*5,(Dec sc)}...[30]
Rd 33:(1sc)...[30]
stuff with fiberfil
Rd 34: {(1SC)*4,(Dec sc)}...[25]
Rd 35:(1sc)...[25]
Rd 36:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Dec sc)...[20]
Rd 37:(1sc)(1sc)(Dec sc)...[15]
Rd 38:(1sc)(Dec sc)...[10]
Rd 39:(Dec sc)...5 f/o}

Small ears(2)

Rd 1:magic ring with 6 sc
Rd 2:(1sc)(Inc sc)...[9]
Rd 3:(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[12]
Rd 4-6:(1sc)...[12]
Rd 7:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Dec sc)...[10]
Rd 8,9:(1sc)...[10]

Big ears(2)

Rd 1:magic ring with 6 sc
Rd 2:(Inc sc)...[12]
Rd 3:(1sc)(Inc sc)...[18]
Rd 4-6:(1sc)...[18]
Rd 7:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Dec sc)...[15]
Rd 8,9:(1sc)...[15]
Rd 10:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Dec sc)...[12]
Rd 11:(1sc)...[12]

Sew ears and Bow tie join chain ch1, with to make a circle
crochet in the ring,[ch2, 3dc,ch2,]*2.
Wrap the middle of bow a couple of times using the yarn end.

Rd1: magic ring with 5 sc
Rd 2:]ch2,3trc,ch3,]*5
Sew mouth join bow and flower.




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