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How to make Amigurumi Bunny!!??

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How to make Amigurumi Bunny!!??

  How to make Amigurumi Bunny Materials needed are 3 ply acrylic yarn, long large eye needles, fiber for stuffing 2mm crochet hook and 5mm plastic safety eye.Abbreviation:Sc- Single CrochetInc sc-2 single crochet in 1 stitchCh- ChainDec sc- sc 2 togetherDc- double crochet Rd- slip stitchBLO- Back Loop OnlyFLO- Front Loop Only[]=- Total number of stitches[]*3- Repeat 3 timesTrc- Triple crochetHeartRd 1:magic ring with 6 scRd 2:(Inc sc)...[12]Rd 3:(1sc)(Inc sc)...[18]Rd 4:(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[24]Rd 5:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[30]Rd 6:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[36]Rd 7:(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(1sc)(Inc sc)...[42]Rd 8-12:(1sc)...[42]f/o.make second part of the heart in same pattern, but don't cut off the yarncrochet sc in next 7 stitches trough...

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