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15 Art And Craft Ideas With Paper For Kids

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Paper is a universal craft material that is used in almost all the creative arts and crafts made on this planet. A craft box without paper is not even considered as a craft box. In fact, with a little piece of paper and scissors, you can create really enchanting artworks that make the onlookers go WOW. Here I have listed a few Art And Craft Ideas With Paper For Kids.

Well, it is not necessarily for kids! The adults who are kids by heart can also try it. Age is not a factor when it comes to craft works as they are suitable for all age groups. It is a huge distraction from screen time for kids, and for adults, it is just another easy stress buster. Enough with the talking; let us get into business. Please read carefully as I will take you through some fantastic Art And Craft for kids With paper.


1.Origami Art

The hard to master yet rewarding form of craft work known as origami is a part of Japanese culture. It is the art of folding paper to create both two dimensional and three-dimensional sculptures. The origami discourages artists from the use of cuts, glue, or markings on the paper.

2.Giant Paper Flowers

Giant Paper Flowers is one of the most beautiful craft works, perfect for a party background. There are plenty of templates available on the internet. You can use it to create the giant flowers by hand if you have little patience.

Get creative with the color papers and start making bookmarks that will motivate you to  read more. You can also gift them to your friends.

paper bookmarks

4.Paper Butterflies

Paper butterflies are one of the easiest and cutest craft ideas for kids. Once the

butterfly number increases, create a pattern and stick it on your wall. DIY home decor for the kids room.

paper butterfly

5.Paper Snowflakes
Are you looking for a DIY ornament for Christmas? Then try making this paper
snowflake. It will take your Christmas decorations to the next level.

paper snowflakes

6. 3D pumpkins
Get the Halloween vibe without actually putting effort into carving a real pumpkin. This 3D pumpkin with paper is a quirky way to create the spooky vibe only if you add some additional decors.

3d pumpkin paper cut

7.Paper Spiderwebs
The adorable paper spiderwebs are going to be that additional decor for the 3D
pumpkin. If creating Halloween decors is that easy, you should drop the idea of
shopping from the supermarkets.

paper spider web

8.Paper Pinwheels
The absolute best! Get creative and make the pinwheels in different colours. And imagine the euphoria when you run with it.


9.Paper Lantern

Oh, the lovely paper lanterns will give that enigmatic glow to the room. Get some LED tea light to place inside the lantern, and you are good to go.

10.Greeting cards
Be it Christmas, Mothers day or even birthday, the greeting card made personally with paper will stand out from all other gifts. There is something special in making efforts for your loved ones and creating something magical that they will cherish forever.
Kids can make unique cards by cutting the message part out of a used card and gluing them to the front of your choice of folded construction paper or lightweight card stock.By doing this, you are encouraging the kid to be environmentally friendly using recycled products.

11. DIY paper geode garland
Use your favorite color papers and make DIY paper geode garland. All you need is  paper, a twin thread and a glue gun.

12.Hot air balloons
Add a wide variety of colors for the 3D effect and make cute hot air balloons for your next party. It is the best party prop.

13.Paper Frames
You can even make photo frames with the papers. Yes, you heard it, right? Get creative with paint, crayons, colored pencils, markers etc.

14.Paper Flowers
You can make a variety of flowers with paper. Creativity has no bounds when it comes to making flowers with papers. Be it rose, tulips, sunflowers, or daisy, paper flowers stand out in all ways.

15.Emoji Paper Plates
Let us be honest! To keep the kids engaged, you have to go to that extent of our little millennial's liking. The influence of smileys on our kids will spark a new hobby of emoji paper creation, and the end product is super cute.

So, that is it! The perfect list of art and craft with paper for your little ones. You don't need to buy a box of crafts and accessories to make these things; you can actually get it done with stuff you already have in the house. Moreover, these projects wont take a lot of your time as the kids can do it themselves.

Start trying one by one, and let us know how it went with your little ones.

Why Art And Craft Time For Kids?

Engaging the kids in art and crafts is one of the best distraction from screen time. It helps them think creatively and is proven to be a good way for kids
to bond with others. There are hundreds of thousands of craft ideas for kids of every taste and preference. Indeed, most of the kids find it fun to engage in art and craft works.

Apart from the entertainment side of craft making, these type of activities is perfect for educational purposes as well. Engaging in art and craft works are proven to improve thinking, reasoning and learning parts of the brain. Moreover, it is an exceptional idea to keep the little ones engaged when the climate outside is not favorable for outdoor activities. Everyone loves to engage with kids, and creating craft is one of them. As I mentioned in the introduction, craft projects are for everyone; there is no age limit.

If you want to provide your kids with a great learning experience and fun at a very early age, then letting them be creative is the best way to be. Who knows, perhaps we are feeding their passion which might,in turn,change into their profession.

Have fun crafting!

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