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13 Easy Foam Craft Ideas For Your Little Ones

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Crafting is one of the best activities to do with kids. It not only improves their motor and interpersonal skills but also is an excellent opportunity for the adults to mingle with them. There are plenty of materials that you can use to make crafts, and our current favorite is foam paper. The wide range of colors and textures in foam paper makes it an ideal and convenient material to handle. We know you have come here for some craft inspiration, so here we are listing the cutest and Easy Foam Craft Ideas you can make with your little ones.

Here you go, the 13 Easy Foam Craft Ideas For Your Little Ones.

1 Colorful key chains

Oh yes, you can make colorful key chains with foam papers. Add a pinch of creativity to make it more pretty and attractive. There is no limit for you when it comes to cuts and designs for making colorful key chains with foam paper. If it is pretty enough, you can ask your little one to gift that to his/her best friend in the nursery.

foam keychain

2.Pencil Holder

Foam paper that comes with glitter is the perfect material to make pencil holders. With some beads and stones glued to the craft, the final product will add beauty to your kids room. The flashy yet charming pencil holder will make the best accessory for your kids room.

3.Fairy Wand

Kids love fairy wand! However, we tend to get those from the stores for parties, but if you make one of your own, it will be more magical. Also, kids can show off their creative skills to their buddies and teachers, saying,"I made it with papa".


The previous blog on this page was raving about the beauty of flowers made with paper.But the flowers that are made with foam papers will add more depth and elegance to it.Since there are plenty of colors to choose from, you can get highly creative with it and make a beautiful bouquet to gift your dear ones.Orchids, sunflower, rose are some of the craft flower ideas with foam papers that is definitely going to make everyone go wow. Orchids will look super real with foam paper.

5.Foam Bows

Do you have any plans to gift your loved ones anytime soon? If so, make a DIY foam bow and attach it to the gift box. Unlike ribbon bows and papers bows, foam paper gives the bow a little more bounce making it damage-free and pretty.

6.Pencil Toppers

Kids love to have pencils with toppers. It motivates them to write and learn more. You can make all types of toppers, including animals, flowers or any funny cartoon characters with foam paper.I swear they will love it!

7.Eye Masks

Eye masks are absolutely one of the best crafts that you can make with foam papers.By adopting different shapes and concepts, these eye masks are definitely going to shine for the next birthday party/Halloween party.

8.Easter Eggs

If you want to stop your kids from spilling the ink on the table during the process of Easter egg making, then give them colorful foam papers. The eggs made in this method guarantees less damage to your kitchen table. The attractive colors of the foam paper make the egg look lovely.







9.Foam Owls

Though it takes a lot of layering and detailing, the foam owls are pretty much rewarding.Making a foam owl will take a lot of time and effort, but the result will look attractive on your wall.

10.Monster Feet

Kids not only get engaged during the making process of monster feet but also gets engaged afterwards while playing with it. Such crafts are not for temporary fun. The fun times can even last for months as you see kids love to run with monster feet.

8.Foam Bag

The foam bag is going to be the best accessory for the playhouse. It can't stand adult wear and tear but can obviously use for playing. Add a chunk of beads or stones to make it look like a fashion statement.


Be it for fall or winter, a wreath made with foam paper will stand out from others. This beauty on the door will catch the eyes, especially when your little ones craft it. The technique used to make the wreath is the same as that of the other crafts, with more blayering and detailing. The process will take time, but the result is going to be fulfilling.Don't forget to appreciate the effort of the little one by hanging the wreath on your door.They will love you for it.

12.Household Hanger

Household hanger is one of the most practical craft ideas for kids and grown-ups. Hang them in your basins or rooms to make the best use of them.
As you might have drawn from the above craft ideas, any kind of crafts is possible with foam sheets. They are colorful, flexible and easy to handle, making them one of the most versatile craft material to use. People choose foam papers as their craft materials for project-based crafts due to these reasons.


13.Craft and Kids

Craft involves a level of hard work, but at the same time, it is enjoyable. That is the main reason why kids love to do it without getting weird out. The craft projects allow the kids to unleash their creativity. It can help the child develop interpersonal and motor skills. Many schools make craft creation a part of the syllabus for this particular reason. In fact, a great way to celebrate the kids birthday is to host a crafting session. The kids gathered will make some unique pieces of craft. They are definitely going to enjoy the craft making.

art and craft

However, it is necessary to provide the right craft idea according to the interest and
ability of the kids. Making crafts that are complicated, easy or too simple can discourage
your kid as they find it boring.

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